First day at the new job…

It is always a little weird when you start a new job and today was no exception.

As a new employee, you’re of course trying to make a good impression on folks who have never worked with you before, all the while you are trying to understand how all these new people tick and how you fit in to the bigger picture.

You also find yourself missing the friends you had at your previous job and wondering how long it will take you to reach the same level of comfort with the new team.

You’re also mentally comparing the company you just left with the company you just joined. This is like trying to compare apples with orange seeds. This is an especially jarring comparison when you leave a company like Microsoft with very specialized roles, a wealth of resources, HR processes and employee benefits to rejoin the small business / startup world where most of that is not the case.

It is great to be back in VA and I am really excited at the opportunity to do something completely new and to once again be part of a small team. I had really missed the ability to “know everyone in the company” and to see more immediate impact of my actions on the company. This is much harder to do in a company with 100’s of 1000’s of employees and contractors.

I know that in a few weeks most of the second guessing that sometimes pops into my head will disappear as we reach a “new normal”, establishing a routine both at home and at work, moving from the short term apartment with no furniture and air mattresses to a house.

It’s time to start enjoying the new ride…

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